EraLend Stellar Program

Join in, Enjoy and be Rewarded!

EraLend Stellar Program is our new loyalty scheme that rewards contributions from our active user and community member base. With this program, you can accumulate points, enjoy unique benefits, and earn exciting rewards.


The Stellar Program is designed to recognize the contributions of our users. The points you earn play an important role in determining eligibility for potential future airdrops and multiple platform benefits. You can earn points through various past and future activities.

Our reward distribution is epoch-based. Each epoch represents a distinct period with specific tasks assigned and varying types of rewards offered. As we move through different epochs, the tasks, points allocation, and types of rewards will evolve, ensuring a dynamic and engaging loyalty program.

Please note that all rules, tasks, and rewards are subject to the interpretation and discretion of the EraLend team.

Genesis Epoch: Pre-TGE warmup

This initial phase, or Genesis Epoch, also known as the Pre-TGE Warmup, kicks off at 00:00 UTC on July 10th and continues until the Token Generation Event. During this time, users can accumulate points through a combination of historical achievements and weekly activities.


  • 30% of potential zkSync airdrop will be distributed to users based on the points accumulated during this epoch, in the event EraLend receives a share of token airdrop from the Matter Labs.

  • The whitelist for the upcoming Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will be selected from the top gainers of stellar points. Further details will be released soon.

  • X rewards, yet to be announced, may also be part of the giveaway.


1. Early Supporters

EraLend Sergeant NFT Holder: 800 points

EraLend Corporal NFT holder: 200 points.

EraLend Soldier NFT holder: 20 points

EraLend Trailblazer NFT holder (Galxe): 12 points

EraLend Believer OAT holder(Galxe): 6 points

Note: A snapshot has been taken on July 10th, 11:12:13 UTC. Only holders at the time of the snapshot will earn points. Points accrued from holding NFTs will be a one-time addition to your account during the genesis epoch.

2. Zealy Participants

Only the top 3,000 (variable) participants on the Zealy leaderboard who have also completed liquidity provision tasks (EraLend borrower) will be eligible for points.

The exchange ratio will stand at 10:1, meaning 10 Zealy points can be exchanged for 1 Stellar point.

Note: A snapshot will be taken by the end of the epode to determine final eligibility. If scores are identical for the 3000th position, we extend the eligibility to the next rank where the score varies.

3. Weekly Campaigns

Users can supply or borrow to gain weekly points. Upon completion of these weekly tasks, users will earn points based on the relevant task tiers. The status of task completion will be taken every Sunday.

We have three tiers for our users based on their supply or borrow balance. The points allocation varies as per the duration and balance maintained.


Users who maintain a supply balance of more than $5000 for:

  • Over 3 days: Will receive 20 points.

  • Over 5 days: Will receive 40 points.

Users who maintain a borrow balance of more than $3000 for:

  • Over 3 days: Will receive 40 points.

  • Over 5 days: Will receive 60 points.


Users who maintain a supply balance between $1000β€Šβ€”β€Š$5000 for:

  • Over 3 days: Will receive 10 points.

  • Over 5 days: Will receive 20 points.

Users who maintain a borrow balance between $600-$3000 for:

  • Over 3 days: Will receive 20 points.

  • Over 5 days: Will receive 30 points.


Users who maintain a supply balance between $50β€Šβ€”β€Š$1000 for:

  • Over 3 days: Will receive 5 points.

  • Over 5 days: Will receive 10 points.

Users who maintain a borrow balance between $30-$600 for:

  • Over 3 days: Will receive 10 points.

  • Over 5 days: Will receive 15 points.


Q: How can I participate and earn points? A: You will automatically be enrolled and receive points when you complete relevant tasks.

Q: When can I claim rewards? A: The availability of rewards will vary depending on the specific type of reward. For instance, the whitelist for IDO will be determined right before the event takes place, while the zkSync airdrop rewards will be accessible once the zkSync token is launched.

Q: How are my rewards calculated? A: Rewards will be allocated proportionally according to your point share. If the number of participants increases and the supply of points rises, your point share might decrease.

Q: Can I trade points? A: No, points are non-transferable and can only be used to redeem rewards.

Q: What is the difference between my lifetime points and epoch points? A: Your lifetime points are the total points earned across all epochs, while your epoch balance is the point balance for the current or corresponding epoch.

Q: How will my rewards be calculated? A: Your rewards will be calculated based on the points you earn in the current epoch.

Q: Can I earn points weekly with my EraLend Army NFT? A: No, points earned from NFT/OAT are a one-time accrual during the genesis epoch. However, early supporters may still receive other benefits in our future programs.

Q: When TGE? The exact date of the Token Generation Event (TGE) is yet to be confirmed. We are diligently working on developing and launching a range of exciting features, and TGE is indeed one of them. To ensure you don’t miss this important announcement, please follow our social media channels, where we’ll share updates as soon as they become available.

Q: How points from weekly campaigns are calculated? Stellar points are calculated on a weekly basis, not daily. Engagements, whether they last for 3 days or 5 days, are considered WITHIN the same week. For example, an engagement from Tuesday to Thursday counts as 3 days. However, an engagement from Sunday to Tuesday would be split between two weeks - only Monday and Tuesday would count towards the next week's engagement. Days cannot be combined across weeks.

Stellar points snapshot time is every Monday at 00:00 UTC. Also, the 3-day and 5-day periods do not need to be consecutive. You can supply or withdraw multiple times, and as long as the time your funds are supplied/borrowed accumulates to 3 days (72 hours) or 5 days (120 hours) within a week, you can earn the corresponding points.

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